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Irina Bokova
Director-General of UNESCO

After MINEPS II, held in Moscow in 1988, the Russian Federation is hosting the sixth edition of the International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport, in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, in July 2017. This continued commitment over the years is a remarkable example of dedication towards this unique global sport policy forum and platform.

UNESCO commends this strong engagement, which testifies to a holistic concept of a culture of physical activity, including physical education, grassroots, competitive and elite sport, as well as traditional sports and games. All this is founded on an inclusive vision of sport and the recognition that international cooperation, with all Member States and all relevant partners and networks, is as important for sport policy development, as are sporting events in the promotion of intercultural dialogue, tolerance and mutual understanding.

In this spirit, I wish to renew my deep gratitude to the Russian Federation for hosting and organizing MINEPS VI. I am confident that this major international gathering, with the support of all parties, will meet its goals and achievements, and pave the way to successful and tangible follow up actions.

Gert C. Oosthuizen
CIGEPS Chairperson

As Chairperson of CIGEPS, I regard MINEPS VI as a watershed event for world sport.  MINEPS VI offers a unique opportunity to drive government activities in the field of sport and physical education in a coordinated and unified manner. The event provides the platform to interrogate how governments can embrace the potential of sport and physical education with a view to build healthier nations, to unify people and by so doing contribute to social cohesion and a better world.

Through MINEPS VI, the sport sector can also answer the call of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals that have identified the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies as among the most urgent, yet challenging issues across the 2030 Agenda.

To my view, MINEPS VI will be successful if we succeed to put policy to practice.  In fact, policies and declarations mean nothing if not implemented and monitored.  The world needs to see and experience the impact of sport.

The final outcome document of Kazan 2017 will be implemented successfully if Member States identify and resource specific activities of the Action Plan which are of national importance and also advocate the implementation of the Action Plan at regional and continental levels. To this end, MINEPS VI must secure stakeholder collaboration. To achieve global success in the sport sector all role-players need to work as a unified force.

The call is, let us as the members of CIGEPS cooperate and support the activities in the final preparations for MINEPS VI.

Vitaly Mutko
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Dear participants of the conference,

On behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation, I welcome you at the Sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport.

It is the first time the conference is held in the contemporary Russia, so we understand the paramount importance of the issues discussed at the conference and decisions that will be adopted upon its conclusion. Physical education and sport have become an integral part of the state policy of the Russian Federation. Year by year more attention is paid both to the development of high performance sport and to the development of grassroots sports that leads to fostering aspiration for healthy lifestyle among the country’s population.

The productive work of the MINEPS VI will undoubtedly be another step in the rapprochement of the country and peoples and will enable accomplishment of the common goals set forth in the International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport and the Berlin Declaration adopted at the previous edition of the MINEPS.

I wish all participants interesting and fruitful work!

Pavel Kolobkov
Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues, 

I am glad to welcome you to Russia, to its sports capital – Kazan that has hospitably staged a great number of major international events. 

Thanks to Russia's active role in terms of supporting high-quality physical education, the integrity of sport and a healthy lifestyle, in February 2016, UNESCO granted our country the right to hold the sixth edition of MINEPS. 

I hope that our joint work during the conference will be fruitful and will give a new impetus to the advancement of sport, physical education, ideas of humanism, which ultimately will contribute to the harmonious development of the younger generation and preservation of the nation's health.

Rustam Minnikhanov
President of the Republic of Tatarstan

Dear participants,

I am glad to welcome you in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, that in recent years has become the venue for the largest sports competitions of various levels.

Physical education and sport are an integral part of the life of our republic. Staging of the large scale sports projects, as well as the developed sports infrastructure with modern equipment altogether establish comfortable conditions for the athletes along with spectators and fans.

We are aware that our work will result in a healthy rising generation that has chances to become not only harmoniously developing personalities, but also to make a successful sports career at the Russian and international level.

I congratulate everyone on the start of the Sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport. I wish you fruitful work, to make constructive decisions and expand mutually beneficial cooperation.

Ilsur Metshin
Mayor of Kazan

Dear friends,

On behalf of all citizens of Kazan and on my own behalf, I am happy to greet the participants of the Sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport.

Kazan is not only a major economic, educational and cultural centre of the country, but also a city that is rightly considered the Sports Capital of Russia. The international competitions, hosted by the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, gave a great impetus to social and economic development, made the life of our citizens more intensive and fascinating, as well as allowed tourists from all over the world to get acquainted with the rich history and multinational culture of our region.

We always warmly welcome everyone who comes to Kazan and do our best for the guests to feel comfortable and wish to return to our city more than once. I will be sincerely glad if in a short time of your stay you will be able to visit the landmarks of Tatarstan and fully experience the unique atmosphere of friendliness and unity that reigns in our republic and its capital, to appreciate the national traditions and customs, as well as warm hospitality of the people of Tatarstan.

I hope that each of you will have only the most positive impressions and emotions from this event and fondest memories of Kazan.

Welcome to our wonderful city!